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SCI/D Support Fund

The SCI/D Support Fund has been established to promote increased independence and/or quality of life to individuals with financial need who have a spinal cord injury or disorder resulting in some form of paralysis or paresis. Grants up to $500.00 are available to provide funding for items such as adaptive equipment, assistive technology (laptop or tablet, Amazon Fire TV Cube, ECU products, adaptive gaming product), ramps, Quad tools, automatic leg bag emptiers, etc.

We encourage you to apply! Use the link below to access the grant application guidelines, process and form. Please know that progress with application cannot be saved.  All information must be included in order to save and submit.

Let’s Work Together

"I am excited about the [electric door] opener and the package did indeed arrive today…woohoo! I am really focused on organizing myself to return to independence and the opener is one of the catalyst for this to begin."


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